Cycles of child development and sandplay work

Location: Online

Data: 27th of January

Time: 8.30-15.30 (1 hour lunch break: 12.00-13.00)

To understand the architecture of psychic it is needed to acknowledge the basic growth of human beings through each stage of personal history.  The development of a person is a continuum process from birth to death which needs different attention for each stage to be fulfilled. In working with children, we need a map of healthy development to be able to evaluate the symptoms and to establish what approach might lead to successful resolution.

In these workshops, an optimistic model for child development and ways of working with children and their parents will be presented. Through case material will be possible to understand what means the arrest of development in different stages of the child and how to help to recover from dysfunctional childhood.

By participating in this workshop, you will be able to:

  • to learn the theoretical concepts about: needs and normal tasks and behaviours of the child in different stage of development;
  • to identify the psychological developmental level of the child in sandplay;
  • to understand which are the responsibilities of the caregivers for each stage of child development to promote right conditions for overcome the challenges of the stage;
  • to develop the skills to talk with the family about the role of the parent for each stage of child development.